Taking delivery of ...

Taking delivery of my Performance Model 3  


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24/04/2019 1:52 pm  

Hello everyone,,

Tesla sent me an email detailing, that my Model 3 should arrive in early May, however in a surprising turn of events, I would actually be getting it today, 23/4/19!

  • So far I’ve did inspections, and everything was fine! Perfect in-fact! I live in Germany, and in Germany everyone takes manufacturing super seriously, so yeah, my car looks perfect and no defects.

The performance aspect of the car is  incredible, it throws you back in your seat and keeps you there! It’s ludicrous... (if the Model 3 had it)

  • I’ve done 84 miles, and my consumption is 299wH/mi, which is insane, since I’ve floored the car and driven on the on the way back at 185km/h. It’s incredible.

Tesla has done a masterful job, with the Model 3 Performance, my only gripe is that the lights don’t look as striking as the Model S, or X, or even the Next-Gen Roadster, since they look quite simple, but I can’t say it’s bad...

The car looks beautiful, and I like looking at the press photos Tesla makes, they look incredible, however I’m not sure why they’d have to do renders of their car, the car is insanely beautiful, even the 3! Wow, Tesla. You’ve outdone yourselves....

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24/04/2019 8:44 pm  

Well ... nice to hear (read) someone's happy ... 🙂

It always sounds like "your first time..." and mine (with Tesla) was about 4 years ago ... and I'm still amazed every time i jump in for a ride ... even the sadness moment of the week, monday morning by getting at work LOL.

Just wondering on how you landed in our site? 

btw your' nick sounds kinda like ... latino? ... a caso hablas español?

Anyway ... nice to meet you and of course WELCOME!

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24/04/2019 9:01 pm  

Welcome in this platform and.. nice to read something in english, too. 😉 

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