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10/04/2016 3:32 pm  

After having completed a wonderful trip with the Model S: Switzerland - Venezia, thanks to the Superchargers, I would like to travel to Croatia with the roadster.

Any suggestions about possible charging stations for my roadster on the itinerary Aosta - Milano - Venezia - Trieste?

Thank you!

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10/04/2016 5:29 pm  

Waw ... nice one 🙂

You're actually the first Roadster owner posting in our Forum!

A double warm welcome in that case.

What connectors and what are the rated charges capability of your wonderful toy?

single or triple phase? max kW ?

You'll may use italian std charge stations (type 2 up to 22kW ... some)

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10/04/2016 6:56 pm  

Is this true? The first one? Thank you!

Well it is single phase, up to 70 A

I have all possible connectors for it: From Type 2 to red CEE's, blue CEE's.

Of course, best would be original Tesla HPC's for the roadster. But I can use the 43 kW Type 2 stations or red industrial standard connectors with 63 or 32 A.

Any ideas?