Musk announces Tesla KIT: to convert all petrol cars to Electric! 3

*** Update April 4 *** This was obviously an April Fools’ Day joke that we created to have some nice traditional fun; Elon & Tesla also love April 1st.

On April 2 in the morning we immediately clarified this was a joke with the message at the bottom of the page . Still, despite our friend the fish clearly defending the sacred truth, this went far and today is viral on Facebook, with contacts ramping up every hour. So we believe it is better we further clarify: it’s a joke folks! We don’t have any sponsor or adverts in our page, we are just a club and we don’t earn any money from our joke going viral. But we understand somebody may think this is real despite the date it was published on, so yeah, better to clarify.

We really love Tesla and always knew how interesting anything related to Tesla is, but experiencing firsthand the viral wave this joke took, was mind blowing.

Please keep following us, we are preparing more articles in English, and rest assured we are super serious the other 364 days of the year 😉

Just after the great success with launching the recycled SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Elon announced another great revolutionary product to create a better world: Tesla KIT to convert all old cars to electric!!

We heard about some rumors for this in the past, still the announcement comes with a great surprise, in real Musk style!

On Tesla website it is already possible to reserve the KIT, available from September at a shocking introductory price of 12,000 $ for 150 miles of autonomy!


No more technical details were disclosed, but it’s confirmed that all the ‘converted’ cars will have access to Superchargers and Autopilot capabilities. We believe these options will be adequately priced to recover the disruptive introductory price. A bit alike with printers: low cost hardware to make profits with services.

Tesla keeps helping the world while using amazing marketing.

In a few months the converted cars will hit the road, can’t wait to see what people will create while pimping their rides.

Well done Elon!




Happy April fools day 🙂 

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